About Taylor Gourmet Foods

Our story begins with a family that has 30 years of combined experience in home food service. The Taylor Family established Taylor Gourmet Foods in 2015.

Taylor Gourmet Food’s objective is to provide high quality food that your family will enjoy, while also adding the convenience of home delivery at a lower price. As a small business with a lower overhead than a large grocer, we are able to provide bulk orders at a deep discount. 

We have partnered with a reputable distributor, Agostino Foods. Agostino’s is a family owned butcher shop that has been in operation for over 100 years, during which time they perfected the technique of flash freezing and packaging foods. Most items are individually wrapped and vacuumed sealed. Their facility has a USDA Inspector on site and is proud to report that in a century of doing business they have never had a recall. 


As a result of this partnership, Taylor Gourmet Foods is able to offer over 250 line items that can be customized easily to fit your likes and needs. Some of our specialties include: 

Aged All Natural, Prime and Top Choice Beef

Air Chilled Poultry 

Grain Fed Pork

Lamb and Veal 

American Bison

Wild Caught Seafood

Organic Vegetables 

Fresh Frozen Pasta

A long list of pre-marinated and prepared items

Taylor Gourmet Foods would love an opportunity to earn your business.
Please give us a call and we will share the options on how to get started.

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